Family Christmas Card Coloring Book

Somehow this year our Christmas card rivaled last year’s!  Every year we try to keep it fresh and creative. My husband is amazingly talented and was able to take the girls’ drawings and lay them out in booklet format.  Each girl got a page, we threw in some fun family stats and our family Christmas card coloring book was born. Super big plus, no need to capture that *perfect* holiday card family photo!

A family Christmas card coloring book.  Awesome!
A family Christmas card coloring book.  Awesome!
A family Christmas card coloring book.  Awesome!
A family Christmas card coloring book.  Awesome!
A family Christmas card coloring book.  Awesome!

The girls have been coloring in some of the books and some are going out blank for the receiver’s coloring enjoyment.

There are two ways to go about doing this. One is highly complicated, if you ask me, though Todd who does awesomeness like this for pay whipped it out within a day.  The other is manual paste up 'zine style.

I'm going to try to break it down for you.  Here is how it was done. (He approved these steps and I assume if you understand it, you know what's up).

Digital Publishing:

12 page book, 3 double side printed pages.

  • Have the kids draw pictures.
  • Scan the pictures.
  • Design each spread in Illustrator using your scanned art.
  • Place each spread into Indesign and create a booklet.
  • Save as a print ready pdf.
  • Call your local printer, have them print, cut and staple it.

We did it for 76 cents a book and printed it on 60# paper with cover stock.

If you believe it, we had envelopes left over from our RSVP cards from our wedding (seven years ago) and used those. 

'Zine Style:

So if you don't have those mad skills, you could also kick it old school and cut and paste your booklet together (literally) then take your master copy to a copy center and have it replicated and finished that way, you know, old school ‘zine style.  This totally would have been my method. 

We hope to keep this style going, but who knows what inspiration will hit next year...

What are your rockin’ holiday card creations? As always thanks so much for reading.  Hope the holiday season is treating you kindly!

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